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When Mechanical Problems Cause Car Accidents


While distracted driving, fatigue and drunk driving are three common causes of car accidents, there’s another issue that drivers need to be aware of: mechanical problems. A car that is not well-maintained can develop problems with the steering, brakes, tires and electrical components. These issues can make an accident more likely to occur.

Some cars have defects that are caused by the manufacturers. Therefore, if faulty wiring, tires, brakes or steering lead to an accident, the manufacturer would be held liable.

However, most mechanical issues are caused by poor maintenance by the owners. Mechanical issues account for 12-13% of car accidents. While vehicles can be costly to maintain, replacing worn tires and brakes and performing frequent oil changes will ensure that your car lasts a long time and does not cause a serious crash. Here are some mechanical issues you can avoid with proper maintenance.


Brakes are some of the most important parts of a car. When brakes fail, the results can be disastrous. You will be unable to stop, which means you can rear-end another vehicle or crash into another object.

Be wary of signs that your brakes are failing. If your brake pedal feels soft or you feel your car wobbling, vibrating or pulling to the side when braking, then you need new brakes. Squealing, squeaking or grinding when braking are also signs. Also, your brake light may come on or you may experience a burning smell when applying the brakes.


Tires keep your vehicle on the road, and when they are worn, underinflated or overinflated, they can suddenly blow out while driving. This can cause you to lose control and cause a serious crash. Even if your tire does not blow out, a worn tire can experience a huge reduction in traction, causing it to skid or slide on the road.


Steering issues can occur if tie rods wear out or loosen. This can cause the steering to feel loose and your vehicle may wander to the side when driving straight. If a tie rod fails, you could veer sharply to the left or right, causing you to hit a vehicle head-on.

Steering issues can also be caused by worn ball joints. If tires show uneven wear or you hear clunking noises while going over bumps, you may have worn ball joints. This can cause ball studs to break or separate. When this occurs, you may lose control of the steering. Therefore, be sure to check your ball joints and tie rods for wear on a regular basis.

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Vehicles require regular maintenance. Make sure your car or trucks gets oil changes, new tires  and new brakes as needed. When you let mechanical problems persist, they can cause serious car accidents.

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