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What Not to Do After a Car Accident


You probably know the basics of what you need to do after a car accident: remain at the accident scene, exchange information and file a claim with your insurance company. But do you know what things you absolutely should not do?

Your actions at the accident scene and the time afterward while the claim is pending can make the difference between getting the full value of claim and getting nothing at all. If you make a mistake during the claims process, it will not go unnoticed. The insurance company will look for any reason to deny your claim, so don’t give them any opportunity to do so. Here are some things you should not do after a car accident.

Flee the Accident Scene

No matter how minor the accident may seem, if you hit another vehicle, you must stop and remain at the accident scene. If you keep on going, you have committed a crime called hit and run. If the accident resulted in serious injury or death, you could be charged with a felony and face prison time.

Your duty as a driver is to always stop at the accident scene, provide medical aid if needed and exchange information. If you don’t, you will be considered liable.

Admit Fault

Even if you think you caused the accident, you should never admit fault. Let the police and insurance company take care of that. You do not know for sure that the other driver did not make a mistake that caused the crash.

Be careful of what you say after the accident. Even a seemingly innocent “I’m sorry” can cause the insurance company to blame you for the crash. This is often deemed as an apology, and so it is assumed that you are apologizing because you did something wrong. Avoid saying too much after the crash. Check on the victims, exchange information and move on.

Fail to Seek Medical Care 

For many people, seeking medical care is not a priority after a crash. A car accident really throws someone for a loop. They have to file a claim with their insurance company and fix their car. They might have missed work. They might have family obligations to deal with. Between all of this, there’s just no time to see a doctor.

Waiting to seek medical care, however, is a huge mistake. If you wait weeks or months to see a doctor, the insurance company will consider this a treatment gap, which will negatively impact your case. They will think you must not really be hurt. While you may not feel hurt right away, it is in your best interest to protect your case and see a doctor as soon as possible to get checked out. 

Contact a Coral Springs Car Accident Attorney  

After a car accident. what you say or do will no doubt be used against you. Take great care not to do anything to ruin your case and your chances of financial recovery.

If you have been involved in a car accident and have suffered serious injuries, make sure you obtain the compensation you deserve. The Coral Springs car accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Barry S. Mittelberg, P.A. will take your case to trial if needed. Schedule a free consultation by calling (954) 752-1213.


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