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Slips and Falls on Cruise Ships: What You Need to Know


Cruises are a great choice for vacations. They allow you to travel to far-away destinations while offering pools, a gigantic assortment of food, gambling, concerts and other entertainment options.

While many people see cruises as a fun way to relax while at sea, this is not always the case. Many people get sick or injured while on cruises. The most common issue is a slip and fall incident that causes orthopedic issues. Unfortunately, some even die from these accidents. In fact, in 2018, 189 people died while on cruise ships.

So what will happen if you get sick or injured while on a cruise? Are there doctors onboard to assist you and get you the treatment you need?

There are regulations in place to ensure that passengers obtain medical care should they become ill or injured while on a cruise. At least one medical professional must be available on every cruise at all hours, day and night. In addition, all ships with at least 250 passengers on board that offer overnight accommodations and embark or disembark in the United States must have an examination room, equipment for administering medications, processing lab work, and monitoring vital signs, as well as an intensive care room.

However, if the injury or illness is severe, a cruise ship has some limitations that can make it hard to get appropriate care. This is because most doctors aboard cruise ships are not even qualified to work in emergency rooms. Many doctors do not speak English well, which can be a barrier to care. Another issue is that your medical insurance may not cover you while at sea, so be sure to check before buying your ticket.

If you are injured while at sea, you need to act quickly. You won’t have the benefit of a lawyer onboard to investigate your case for you. You’ll need to take pictures and videos and gather witnesses. If you get medical care, get copies of your medical records. This will all be helpful when filing a claim.

How Do Slip and Falls Happen on Cruises?

Slip and fall accidents happen quite often on cruise ships. They can happen on many types of floor surfaces, such as on an open deck, in a restaurant, in a theater, by the pool, in bathrooms, on a dance floor and other common areas. Slippery decks, wear and tear and foreign substances can all cause slips and falls.

Slippery floors can be caused by routine ship housekeeping and waxing or buffing marble floors. Many hazards are caused by crew members and even passengers. Passengers may spill drinks or track in water after using swimming pools. Passengers can become seriously injured in these slips and fall incidents.

Contact a Coral Springs Personal Injury Attorney

Cruise ship personnel will try to blame you for your injuries. Don’t let this happen. Gather the evidence you need, seek medical treatment and call us for help.

Coral Springs slip and fall attorney Barry S. Mittelberg can help determine liability. Slips and falls can cause serious injuries, but we’ll help you get you the compensation you deserve. To schedule a free consultation, call our office at (954) 752-1213.


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