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Coral Springs Bankruptcy Attorney / Parkland Bankruptcy Attorney

Parkland Bankruptcy Attorney

If you have been struggling under debt with no end in sight, filing for bankruptcy may be your best option for a clean slate. Over three quarters of a million individuals find relief by filing for bankruptcy each year, according to the U.S. Courts. Bankruptcy stops creditor harassment, ends wage garnishment, prevents home foreclosure, and more. You should not have to choose between staying in your home and feeding your family. Let the Parkland bankruptcy attorneys at the Law Offices of Barry S. Mittelberg help you find debt relief by filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy today.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Medical expenses are the leading cause of bankruptcy, accounting for over two thirds of bankruptcies, according to CNBC. In fact, around 530,000 families file for bankruptcy due to medical reasons each year. Losing a job is another leading cause of major debt problems, as individuals and families are forced to put expenses on credit cards or even take out payday loans—the interest of either can be impossible to get out from under. Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be a good option to discharge your debt and get a fresh start. For those who qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, they can have their medical expenses, personal loans, credit card debt, and other forms of debt discharged. Chapter 7 bankruptcy sometimes requires debtors to sell off non-exempt assets first, though in many cases the individual or family does not have to sell off any of their personal property.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Some people do not qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Moreover, secured debt, such as real property and automobiles, requires Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in order to be discharged. The good news is that Chapter 13 Bankruptcy allows you to stay in your home. All of your outstanding debt is lumped together and a monthly payment plan is created to allow you to pay off that debt over a period of three to five years. Instead of being harassed by endless calls from debt collectors and trying to pay off a half dozen debts and loans, Chapter 13 bankruptcy makes things easy by creating this singular payment plan. And, if you have defaulted on your mortgage and are at risk of foreclosure, Chapter 13 bankruptcy winds back the clock, allowing you more time to catch up on payments as you continue to live in your home and build equity.

Automatic Stay

An automatic stay is an injunction that stops actions of certain creditors. This automatic stay applies to both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy immediately when you file for bankruptcy. The automatic stay alerts creditors that you have filed for bankruptcy and forbids them from trying to collect from you. Creditors are required to get permission from the court to collect further debt.

A Parkland Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help You Today

Here at the Parkland Law Offices of Barry S. Mittelberg, our Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys can provide the debt relief that you need to get back on solid ground. We encourage you to call us at 954-752-1213 for a free consultation to get started today.

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