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Due to the effects of the Coronavirus many people are suffering extreme financial concerns due to loss of employment or reduced income. As a concerned member of our community, our firm during this stressful unprecedented time is there to help. Our office remains open, and for members of the community that have financial concerns about paying their mortgage or other financial obligations, we are there to help you navigate through these stressful times.

We are offering free consultations and bankruptcy filling with no attorney fees paid in advance.

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Monthly Archives: February 2020


Accidents Caused by Speeding

By Barry S. Mittelberg |

When people think of the most common causes of fatal car accidents, DUI and distracted driving may come to mind. However, speeding is more dangerous than driving under the influence. Driving too fast is the leading cause of fatal car crashes in 34 states. While many drivers think nothing of going too fast on… Read More »

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Wrong Site Surgery

By Barry S. Mittelberg |

Doctors are not perfect. While most do their best to help patients, mistakes happen. Many, however, are errors that should never happen. These “never events” include wrong site surgery.  Wrong site surgery occurs when a surgical procedure is performed on the wrong body part, wrong side of the body (left arm vs. right arm,… Read More »

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What Happens After Bankruptcy?

By Barry S. Mittelberg |

Many people file for bankruptcy after falling on hard financial times. Their hope is to improve their financial situation and get a fresh start. While some do, many fall into the same debt trap. Old debts disappear, but new ones come about, causing the cycle to continue. In fact, the statistics regarding post-bankruptcy are… Read More »

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Florida Slip and Fall Award Reversed

By Barry S. Mittelberg |

What happens when a person slips and falls on a sidewalk or other public place? Can they sue the government entity involved? Will they be able to receive compensation for their injuries? There are several factors involved in a slip and fall case, but whether or not a person will receive compensation for their… Read More »

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