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Monthly Archives: October 2019


Dealing with a Traumatic Brain Injury After an Accident

By Barry S. Mittelberg, P.A. |

A traumatic brain injury occurs when a blow to the head disrupts the brain’s normal functioning. This can happen when an object pierces the skull or, more commonly, when the head hits an object, such as in a car accident or slip and fall. Traumatic brain injuries are very common, with 1.7 million new… Read More »

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Special Requirements in Medical Malpractice Cases

By Barry S. Mittelberg, P.A. |

Medical malpractice may seem like a rare event, but it actually happens quite often. In fact, it’s the third-leading cause of death in the United States. Medical malpractice cases are very complex. While it’s possible to sue a doctor and receive compensation for injuries or death caused by their negligence, it’s not an easy… Read More »

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